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How to find local Search Engines in France, UK, Armenia…

Phil Bradley has created an index of local search engines, sort by country. That’s interesting to see that UK has a lot of Search Engines but… Some of them are dead ! Anyway, this site is a good local search engines index : Good job Phil Bradley !

Local Search Engines in France

Local Search Engines in UK (look, many are dead)

Local Search Engines in Armenia (even if my country is small, I’m r

Someone has stolen my headphone in my own company

thief.jpgI really hate thiefs, especially if they work at the same company of mine. Unlucky, someone has stolen my headphones just 2 days after Christmas. Maybe he didn’t receive any gift, maybe food was not good but I cannot bear that !

I cannot understand people who do that. Now I cannot forget anything to my desk. I am already busy with my work and now, I have to be busy with my own stuffs. It’s difficult to come near my desk if we don’t work at my company because everyone knows everyone and we work in an openspace.

Humpf, I really hope that someone will catch him one day…

A summery of Google Success and Failure in 2007 has published an interesting graph from concerning the Google product’s traffic growth between 2006 and 2007.


As you can see, the domination of Google is still here. Even if Google Product Search and Google Scholar decreased their traffic, Global Web Search has increased 20% and Images Search 35% (even if I don’t know any interesting features in Images Research).

However, as you can see, Google has really increased traffic with iGoogle (268%) and Google Book Search (55%). iGoogle has really improved its features in iGoogle (Gadget Maker, Themes, Youtube incorporation…) and I can see around me more and more people who use iGoogle and stop using Netvibes. Practically all of them say me the same thing : « My Firefox crashes everytime with Netvibes. I have no problem with iGoogle ». I agree with the fact that Netvibes is slow. What about iGoogle ? What is your opinion ?

Wikispace – Create easily a Wiki in a few minutes

Wikispace_logoWikispace is one of the most easiest wiki I have seen. You can create pages that your family or your fiends will edit, even if they are a little noob with web interfaces. Just sign up in 1 minutes and let’s start ! Nothing to install, start to create it in a few seconds !

Wikispace is a free wiki but a pricing page is available if you need advance features. However, in my opinion, the basic version is enough to create and interesting wiki. Besides, you can try for free the Plus or the Super version for 30 days (good idea to have a point of view about possibilities of the tool).


The first thing I really like with Wikispace is its help. If you are a noob with internet community tools, you will be reassured : after registration, just view each steps in a few minutes and you’ll be ready to create and edit pages as you want. After that, home page of your wiki proposes immediatly to personnalize your design easily (choose an other them, upload a logo, change colors) in a few seconds. Don’t hesitate to manage your space, permissions and subscription options too.


If you want invite people to join your wiki, just send a mail thanks the dedicated interface. Enter email addresses and text and that’s all ! This is not beautiful but if you need to create easily and quickly a Wiki, I advise to use Wikispace and if you can, the « Plus version » to have more flexibility (only $5/month). Did you test it ? What is your opinion ?

Wedding Ideas influenced by Nintendo NES

Who remembers the Nintendo NES, a fabulous console launched in 1983, when I was born… Some people played with it and today, Nintendo NES is still in adult’s heart

NES box and controllers, Super Mario Bros, Zelda and Tetris have influenced some Weddings around the World. What a fun idea ! Or maybe crazy… I hope for men that their wife agrees with this concept of « Nintendo Nostalgia ».

However, I cannot see Donkey Kong and Paper Boy influences. What happened ?

CMS Made Simple updated !

CMS_Made_Simple.jpgThanks Emmanuel Pays, I have discovered 2 years ago a simple and great CMS named CMS Made Simple. A few days ago, I have noticed that the main website has been totaly redesigned : final result seems fresh and nice !

In addition, there are now some new features for this CMS which enable to be very modulate, such as blog, pictures album, forms or glossary implementation…

Even if number of plugins and community are not so big as WordPress, I advise you to test this CMS, which provides a fast and easy way to create a website and manage its contents.