Everyday, I come across tutorials to do good seo work and there are a lot of advice to improve you search engine rankings (remember my post about 21 ways to ruin your website). Here is a small good tutorial to ruin your Website’s SEO.

  • Create invisible content. That’s a really good natural way to improve your position in Search engines.
  • Don’t do 301 redirects ! Never !! Juste use 302 or Javascript to redirect a domain name or some urls. It’s more fun !
  • Try to have a lot of copies of your website on the web. 10 mirrors sites would be fine to increase your visibility.
  • Buy some links in other websites, especially if their activity is totally different from yours. For example, you sell computer, buy a link in a bakery, or in a skyblog about a girl who is prouds of her chest !
  • The most important pages must be located a the maximum level of depth. That’s more exciting for search engine to crawl hardly pertinent contents… Or to try to crawl !
  • Obtain rapidly good results with a flash website ! However, it’s a personal tip. Don’t speak a lot about this way…
  • Pay attention to main pages, such as « Contact », « Terms of use » or « Credits ». These webpages represent for sure your main source of traffic…
  • Use a javascript function that automatically switches the language according to the browser’s language.
  • Use some cloaking methods to optimize seo on your website. This a really good way to index your web pages. Search engines love people who use cloaking. Besides, people will have different contents when they want to visit your site ! What a fun website !
  • Try to have uncompressed pictures in your website. Search engines like picture with big sizes because quality is better. Thus, crawl is better and faster inside your website. Try to have webpages which weigh at least 5000ko.

Note : these tips should not be taken seriously too ! :)