NedstatYesterday, 2 people from Nedstat came in my company to teach their product Sitestat. Sitestat is a webanalytics tool which gives statistic results in real-time.
Thanks this tool, you can track performance of an Internet Campaign, see how your visitors navigate on your website, and analyze conversion rate.

Contrary to « classical » statistics tools such as eStat or Xiti, Sitestat has 3 particularities :

  • you build your own statistic report for websites
  • you have results in real-time
  • you can have results directly on you website, without using Sitestat interface (Direct View)

Training was really interesting because I could use a original web analytics tool. Direct View is a really useful tool if you prefer to see results directly on your website. I love possibility to create customized reports. Thus, you can adapt you reporting for differents customers. I have tried a demo and it seems fast and easy to use, even for people who are no technicians.

Finally, real-time results is a good point but aspect i like the most is of course Direct View.