Nowadays, many people are using MSN Messenger to speak with their friends, their family or their collegues. I use this program too. However, do you know how many people are using Messenger without customizing interface ?

Personally, I cannot bear using MSN with a standard interface. It is too big and it contains too much spams or useless functions. What are you using to have the perfect Chat program ? Just share your solution, I’m listen to you =) .
In my opinion, you have to use Clean Messenger to obtain a program without advertising and useless features. It is a short program you can use to customize your MSN to obtain a light Messenger. Besides, I suggest to use MSN plus to have a special feature concerning windows management. Just regroup every chat windows in a one and unique.

Finally, if you search a good solution, just use Trillian. It doesn’t need any plugins to have these features. All is integrated ! This post is destinated to people who are searching solution to have a MSN program more ergonomic and less teeming.