Nowadays, linking strategie is really important in websites SEO. However, in a linking strategy, you can have many methods to get many external links. Here are, in my opinion, the 4 different links you can meet :

  • Editorial link : These are links which are not paid for, not asked for and not traded for. These are links which a web site organically attracts because that site is producing good content and marketing that content via social media sites (such as Tutmarks, Digg, Delicious…).
  • Sponsored link : These are links which are paid, to attract users from search engines. You choose to trying to place your website on different requests that you choose thanks SEO. Thus, you pay to be visible on each request the most possible. Prepare your money because price of campaign increses rapidly…
  • Acquired (pertinent) link : here are paid links which are acquired directly with other websites you have analyzed. It concerns websites which are in the same universe as your. Thus, you negociate a purchase of interesting link.
  • Acquired (black) link : These are links which are acquired by the site owner via payment or distribution too. However, in this case, you can include all of  direct links (even if they are from an other activity domain). Matt Cutts said  recently that purchase of links is really perceived like spam. I think it concerns especially this kind of acquired links… Be careful… Google is here !

And you, who are you ? A good writer or a good trader ? =)