Charles Knight asked to me to list some mobile search engines I have seen on the web :

Yahoo Mobile Search : Yahoo has created a mobile version of its search engine. However, it is not a simple copy. Results are totally differents. Search engine has a new interface and results are not only links.

Google Local : Google local is a mobile search engine which enables to find a service near your geographic position. Interface is minimalist but services are fast. Search results return name of the service, a phone number, address and a small google map.

Ask Mobile : a classical mobile search engine of Ask company. Choose your research type with your mobile phone touch number s(1:web search, 2:directions, 3:images…). Search results are accessible with mobile phone touch numbers too.

Msn mobile : the mobile search engine of Microsoft. Inteface is bigger thant other mobile search because you have a default information start page with Msn news, weather, sports information, money information and entertainment.

Picasa mobile : a mobile image search of Google company. Just write a name and the service returns to you thumbmails results. In results, you can have your favorite pictures.

Nuance : Nuance is a providing of speech and imaging solution for businesses and consumers around the world. Nuance Voice Search is a mobile voice search to use web search, music search and navigation solutions.

M-Spatial : M-Spatial mobile search is a local search, such as Google local. However, results are richer than Google Local (not only a text and small map).

Medio : a mobile search engine of the Medio company, specialized on mobile search and advertising.

Jumptap : a mobile search engine which includes wap sites, web sites and off-portal content.

4info : a mobile search engine specialized in SMS Search and alerts from Sport, Business, Travel and Entertainment fields.