Yahoo_Overture is deadYahoo Overture was a useful tool for seo analysts. It has enabled to see fastly keywords popularity for different domains. And it was free ! Today, Yahoo Overture is definitely dead.

Yahoo has finally integrated this tool in Yahoo Panama, a tool which is used for sponsored links. Go to Yahoo Search marketing to access Yahoo Panama. Two tools in one ! Good idea or bad idea ?

Advantages :

– Heart of Yahoo Overture is not dead !

– This new version is better for search, especially in results.

– You can go into detail some specific keywords you select.

Drawbacks :

– You are obliged to endure Yahoo Panama interface.

– You have to possess a Yahoo Panama account (it’s not free :(  ).

– Any export is possible (xls, pdf, xml) for results.

– You cannot sort results.

In my opinion, this new version of Yahoo Keyword Search must be enhanced as soon as possible. In addition, you have to pay to obtain an account ! I really hope Yahoo will improve this tool in the next days…