Web2DNA – convert your website into DNA Art

Web2DNA is a webdesign project, which takes your website, analyze it, crunch it to little bits and spit it out as a graphic representation of a human DNA.

The brightness of the lines is determined by the importance of the tags in terms of structure.

  • H1 is brighter than H2, which is brighter than H3.
  • TABLE is brighter than TR, which is brighter than TD tags.
  • Images and flash elements appear as 70% white.
  • New HTML tags like STRONG and EM is brighter than older ones like B and I
  • UL, OL and DL is brighter than their LI, DT, DD
  • DIV layout is brighter than table layout

As you can see, there is no table on Ramenos Blog. I prefer to use CSS only. Really, it is a fun tool to analyze your site and compare with others.

Website on DNA
Ramenos Blog

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