5 reasons to try Clicky, a new Webanalyzer I like…

Clicky - Webanalyzer webanalytics 2.0

Clicky is a new online Webanalyzer tool, such as Google Analytics or Statcounter. For 15 days, I have used this tool. Let me to introduce Clicky on your Web life. This tool is really interesting to use for 5 reasons (generally I use Google Analytics but i dislike its interface…)

Interface : easy to use, Clicky’s Dashboard doesn’t contain too much data which could  swallow up user. In addition, it seems clean and lisibility is good.

Free : if you test this tool on a personnal website, you’ll be enjoy to know that it is entire free provided your site has 1000  daily page views maximum.

Map : even if it is not really useful, it’s fun to use Google Map to locate visitors of your website. On each point you can see some news about your visitors and exactly request he has used to come on your website.

Pages : on this part, you can visualize the main page where visitors come and main pages where they leave. That could be useful to analyze it in Webanalytics. Thus, you can know your weak links.

RSS services : the most innovative service of Clicky. Stay up to date with what’s happening on your web site from the comfort of your favorite RSS reader (such as Netvibes). As for me, this is an interesting point to check quickly statistics of your website.

You can choose 4 different feeds :

  • your dashboard (shows visitors and pageviews for current day + last 2 days)
  • last 30 visitors
  • last 30 incoming links (referers)
  • last 30 searches

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  1. salut, sympa tonb blog ! vraiment agréable de lire tes billets. pour en revrenir à ce billet, parfois certaunes parenthèses en disent bien + que le rreste de la phrase: « such as google analytics or statcounter »n :)

  2. such as google analytics or statcounter … point de détail très importantn ;) merci pour ce bilet ! continue !

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