A summery of Google Success and Failure in 2007

TechCrunch.com has published an interesting graph from concerning the Google product’s traffic growth between 2006 and 2007.


As you can see, the domination of Google is still here. Even if Google Product Search and Google Scholar decreased their traffic, Global Web Search has increased 20% and Images Search 35% (even if I don’t know any interesting features in Images Research).

However, as you can see, Google has really increased traffic with iGoogle (268%) and Google Book Search (55%). iGoogle has really improved its features in iGoogle (Gadget Maker, Themes, Youtube incorporation…) and I can see around me more and more people who use iGoogle and stop using Netvibes. Practically all of them say me the same thing : “My Firefox crashes everytime with Netvibes. I have no problem with iGoogle”. I agree with the fact that Netvibes is slow. What about iGoogle ? What is your opinion ?

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