SEO : optimize your WordPress Blog for Search Engines

Wordpress Search Engines

WordPress ! Some of people use this “Blog CMS” to create their own Website. I have found a great article, which explains how to optimize WordPress for Search Engines. Some of tips are really known but you can find good advices. This guide is divided in five parts :

  • Site structure
    Present your website with “the best looking face showing” to the Engines robots that scan and index your work.
  • Content organization
    Don’t play messy: if you give order to your content, it will be more “searchable”.
  • Write content
    A few tips about how to write your content optimally – not only for Search Engines.
  • Interact with others
    Subtitle is: Don’t just publish your stuff. It’s about being “social” when blogging.
  • Help Search Engines Directly
    Some final hints to perform well and maximize the power of your blog.

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