Title tag : how to write a good one for SEO ?

Recently, a new topic has been opened on Cre8asite Forums about Title tags and best practices in SEO. As for me, you have to memorize 2 main cases :

Show your Brand if it is necessary : sometimes, you can have a same domain for a lot of companies. For example, try to write artesia.eu, artesia.fr or artesia.com. Here are 3 different companies with different activities but the same name. However, you have to write your company name on Title tag if you want to increase your visibility on search engines. Title tag is indeed the most important Meta tag for Search engines, even if Meta Description is becoming more and more important (forget Meta Keywords please O_o).

Qualify main words about your specify main field : that’s useful to see rapidely what is your main activity.After a good keyword research, qualify your activity in Title tags’ web pages. However, don’t use exactly the same expression in every pages. Find and explore your universe correctly to have some words. Besides, some people say to write again Title tag in

h1 tag on the webpage. Personaly, I think this idea is great, because it increases your desire to focus on a specific field.Concerning the brand, I disagree with people who advise to write it at the beginning of Title tag. With my past Experience in SEO, I always had better results while placing it at the end of Meta Tag (I advise 90 characters maximum). But this a personal point of view of a part of SEO…

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