Website Grader : an other free Search Engine Optimization Tool

Website Grader
is a Seo Web Tool which analyzes your website according many criterias, to obtain further information about your Search Engine Optimization :

  • Google Page Rank : nowadays, this criteria is not so pertinent than 1 or 2 years ago unless sponsored links…
  • Webpage structure : Meta data analyzind and analytics tool detection.
  • Domain name : some news about your domain name.
  • Heading summary : Website Grader analyzes your header and detect h1, h2, h3 attributes…
  • Pictures information : the tool detect pictures of your home and see if alt attribute is fill.
  • Number of indexed pages with Google : humpf…this is just result of the following command : « site:website_name ».
  • Google Crawl date : this tool tells you when Google crawled your website last time. You have this information with Google Webmaster tools too.
  • RSS : rss detection and information about Bloglines subscribers.
  • Inbound links : how many sites link your website ?
  • Technorati ranking : just a number : the Technorati Rank.
  • bookmarks : how many people have bookmarked your website ?
  • Readability level : this analyze mesures (I don’t know how) the approximate level of education necessary to read and understand the web page content.
  • submission summary : check if you or someone has submitted articles of your website to Digg.

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  1. J’ai testé ce service et c’est pas mal du tout notamment pour comparer les résultats des différents paramètres par rapports à ses sites concurrents (si on les a indiqué). Le tout est affiché dans des tableaux clairs avec quelques explications et même des conseils pouvant se montrer utiles pour optimiser son code.

    Une bonne trouvaille à garder dans ses favoris. :)

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